How to Find Your Next Children’s Book Idea

More often than not, when you ask people about their favorite books, they will name children’s books. This implies how impactful a children’s book is. Children’s books may be the first and the last type of books that most people will read in their lifetime. Each one of us can remember the favorite book during childhood. The book that we want to read over and over again. The presented facts may put pressure on your shoulders; however, this should not hinder your goal of becoming a children’s writer. You only need to have a great story, and the rest will follow. 

One of the most common questions that neither aspiring nor established authors ask as they stare at the blank page of the paper, “What should I write about?” Writing for kids is not an easy feat and finding an idea to write is even more difficult. Sometimes, you will fall into a blank state when trying to come up with a single idea. 

Some writers will look for writing prompts to light The truth is, there is no one true method to figuring out what your book should be about. There are plenty of ways you can explore to find the perfect children’s book idea. Hence, this article will list out techniques you can undertake to find the next big thing. 

Look Around You

Inspiration is everywhere; you only need to have a critical and observant eye to find the next big thing. Get out of your house and go somewhere if you must. Some places you can start your exploration can be at home, with your kids and family, outside in nature, an image you found from online, or something a child said to you. The world offers plenty of ideas that can sit in your brain for weeks, even months. Staring at your paper for hours and hours will be of no help. A new environment can spark your imagination by giving you a new way of looking at things. What surrounds you offers many great ideas you can use to your advantage. It might be the simplest thing as a water droplet falling from a leaf. With a bit of imagination and loads of creativity, you can form a great story that any child will love. 

Think Big Then Go Small

Children’s books offer the young readers’ minds to run wild and free. Thus, you as well must let your imagination run amok to relay the same sensation. Step into the mindset of a young child and discover great ideas for your book. Never cower from the wildest and craziest idea you can think of. Most children’s books neglect logic, and you should too. Without the obstacles brought by logic, you’ll find it a lot easier to come up with the best ideas. Afterward, you now have a big idea in mind. With this big idea, it’s time for you to narrow it down to the main story, characters, and the conflicts in your story. 

Read A Lot

This must be the most common method that authors of various genres use. Through reading, you’ll get an idea but give the story your own take of it. Thus, forming another story. Reading is the absolute best way to stimulate your brain for imagination. Read as often as you can because when you have read something truly creative and interesting, something that has stemmed from someone else’s imagination. You can get a glimpse of the author’s mind, which inspires you to explore your own imagination. Some books that can inspire you are Lizzie and Leopold, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 

Don’t Think About It

An idea can strike you when you least expect it. Therefore, don’t force yourself to think about it. Let the magic and creativity come to you. Ideas can pop into the mind when you’re showering, cleaning, driving, or eating. Forcing yourself to come up with an idea can leave you frustrated, uninspired, and unmotivated. Unconventional as they may be, daily activities can provoke your brain into seeing situations differently. Great ideas don’t happen when you want them to. However, you can set yourself up to be ready for it. So, get away from your table and allow creativity to work in the background. And at the end of the day, you will find the perfect idea that is uniquely your own.

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