Reasons to Write a Children’s Book

A bountiful number of books are ostensibly written in children’s literature in these times. Thousands and thousands of children’s books are published all over the world. This is the most stable genre for authors to write. This is a genre that encompasses easy-to-read stories for a varying age range. Children, teens, and adults alike enjoy a good children’s book. Children’s books are fun and diverse to read making it not hard to love this category. A lot of authors venture in writing children’s books for numerous reasons.

Patricia Gummeson, for instance, loves telling stories to her grandchildren. Through this activity, she was able to produce the story of one of her illustrated fantasy books for children, Lizzie and Leopold. Her love for storytelling was transmitted into writing to share her stories not only to her grandchildren but also to the little ones who love fantasy stories.

You may be planning to write a children’s book yourself. However, you have an ongoing dilemma of finding the motive to write your children’s book. Here are some reasons for you to write your very own children’s book.

Everyone has a Story to Tell

Each person has a story to tell. It can be the story of your life or a story of your perceptions in life. Sharing stories can help anyone connect at a deeper level. A means to share your story would be through writing a book. Unlike other books, children’s literature is boundless and limitless. There is no need for you to share your story through a complex plot theory. Anyone can literally use animals and non-living things to tell your story. Conveying your story through a children’s book will not only stimulate the young ones’ imagination but also share moments of your life with them. Several esteemed children’s books center their stories in everyday situations. Writing books drawn from your life or everyday life creates stories that any child can identify with. Children’s books can permanently preserve your history.

The Satisfaction of Inspiring Children

Children’s books are a good investment for the mind and spirits of children. Young kids are full of curiosity, wonder, and hunger for more. They are also full of hope and that is something that is needed in the world today. They are at the age where they are striving to understand the world around them. Writing children’s books allows you to speak to them indirectly and inspire them to become great people. Good stories can teach simple concepts such as numbers, letters, and colors. However, great stories can teach children so much more such as love, acceptance, diversity, and manners. Children’s books can develop habits in them for which they will keep for the rest of their lives. Children’s fantasy novels can help develop positive reading habits in children that they will keep for life.

Stories are Timeless

Everyone grew up listening and reading stories. From picture books to graphic novels and family stories to fantasy told in children’s literature will hook any child. Most stories are easily forgotten and outgrown by people. However, children’s stories have a different nature. Children’s books have a timeless quality that you can hand down from generation to generation. Parents will read a book to their children and these children will read to their children in turn. Young kids who read children’s books will likely remember stories for a long time. Moreover, some classic books in children’s literature are still being read by adults. Thus, children’s stories will never go out of style.

Unveil Inner Child

It is a known fact that writing children’s books is fun. You can get lost in the story. It also makes you think wildly. Anyone can recall the favorite book they’ve read a million times when they were kids. Writing allows you to think like a child, therefore, connecting with your inner child self. Writing children’s books allows you to laugh and love the treasure stories it holds that you have connected with when you were a child. This enables you to find the wonder and fun that you have possibly forgotten when you became an adult. Inside your adult self, there is a child’s playfulness and sense of wonder that can be unveiled through children’s literature.

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